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August 2013







Back-Side Circuit Edit (CE)
& Dynamic SIMS

Nanolab is pleased to announce the expansion of our Circuit Edit facility. We now offer Front-Side CE and Back-Side CE services all under one roof.

Back-Side Circuit Edit (CE) - Nanolab Technologies   Dynamic SIMS

A Cameca IMS 6f Dynamic SIMS instrument is currently being installed.  Routine service will be available in October.                                                                                        


Totally Revamped Website

Test drive the "Nanolab Instant Analyzer" and watch it as we develop it into a Smart-Tool that guides you to the right tool and shows the resulting image/spectra.

Nanolab Instant Analyzer

Our new Applications Center is designed to match your application needs to one of analysis tools.

Need a useful "Wall Chart".  Twenty-five 11x17" wall charts are designed to guide and simplify your work.  There are Visual Guides and Service Information charts.  Download one or we will mail an 11x17 inch  cardstock copy.



4th Qtr 2013

Installing ICP-MS
Installing D-SIMS #2


Service Request Forms are now on-line.  We currently offer 2 forms:   Applications or Instruments or Failure Analysis.


The Contact Us web link helps you to request: Contact, Quote, Site Visit, Site Tour, List of Services, or one of our famous Wall Charts.                          

We'd love to hear from you.  Tell us what you think.  Be anonymous if you prefer.  Competitive Feedback is our effort to respond to your needs



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